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Emil Orlik: Tilla Durieux, Spielen und Träumen - Plays and Dreams

Tilla Durieux, Spielen und Träumen  -  Plays and Dreams
book with 1 lithograph and 5 etchings, 1922
Sheet Size: 31.5 x 24.5 cm - (12½ x 9¾ inches)
each print is signed in pencil and numbered from the edition of 125

please see the individual items for illustrations
the book by Tilla Durieux published by Galerie Flechtheim, Berlin, relating her career in the theatre, with 4 original portrait etchings and one original lithograph by Orlik; the colophon is signed by Orlik and Durieux
in very good condition, with original tissue guards (one torn); a few of the sheets very lightly cockled; SCARCE
the individual portrait etchings are illustrated on the PORTRAITS page

Tilla Durieux was born in Vienna in 1880. Her maiden name was Ottilie Godeffroy. She died in Berlin in 1971. She was a celebrated theatre actress of the early part of the century, playing in plays by Max Reinhardt and Frank Wedekind, and appearing also in many silent films. Her first husband was the artist Eugen Spiro (1904). In 1910 she divorced and married the publisher and art dealer Paul Cassirer. In 1926, after Durieux divorced him, Cassirer committed suicide. She remarried a theatre director, Ludwig Katzenellenbogen. In 1933 she fled the Nazis, first to Switzerland, then to Zagreb where she remained throughout the war, though her husband perished in a concentration camp. In Zagreb she acted and also ran a puppet theatre but in 1953 returned to the German stage and also had parts in more than 30 movies during the rest of her long career. She was highly acclaimed and received the most prestigious awards for both her stage and film work.