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Emil Orlik: Zuhörer und Zuschauer - Audiences (Listening and Watching)

Zuhörer und Zuschauer - Audiences (Listening and Watching)
portfolio of 8 etchings, c.1911
Sheet Size: 22 x 25 cm - (8¾ x 9¾ inches)
each etching signed in pencil and numbered from the edition of 100

portfolio of 8 etchings dating from 1911 to 1923, printed by Felsing and published by Amsler & Ruthardt, Berlin in 1923, with an introduction by Oskar Loerke; each plate is signed and numbered in pencil, the plates are of varying sizes; on cream laid paper and individually mounted in passepartouts. All are in perfect condition. The portfolio covers are very slightly soiled.
The etchings are illustrated individually on the 'Theatre' page
Titles :
Im Beethoven Konzert
2) Zuschauer bei einem Kamelrennen
3) Im Lustspiel Gl. NONE
4) In einer Vorlesung von Stanislavsky
5) In einem chinesischen Provinz-Theater
6) Grand Guignol
7) Die Loge im Gaité Montparnasse (Paris)
8) Zuschauer im Zirkus

Orlik was passionate about theatre and music. The etchings in this set depict audiences from such diverse locations as China, Egypt (Watching a Camel Race), variety and stage theatres and concerts