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Emil Orlik: Aus dem Janseits - From the Other Side

Aus dem Janseits  -  From the Other Side
lithograph, 1921
Plate/Image Size: 18 x 11.5 cm - (7 x 4½ inches)
signed in pencil

the frontispiece of the book Aus dem Jenseits by Casper S. Yost, translated into German by Herman Behr; Reuss & Pollack Verlag, Berlin, 1921 in a limited edition of 100 copies
the lithograph is also reproduced on the front of the dust cover of the book

not for sale

the book concerns the spiritual medium Mrs Pearl Leonore Curran who was contacted by a spirit named Patience Curran in 1913 and for some years Mrs Curran related her story as it came through to her

Emil Orlik probably had some interest in Spiritualism