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Emil Orlik: Kleine Aufsätze - Small Articles

Kleine Aufsätze   -  Small Articles
book with ink portrait, 1924
Sheet Size: 25.5 x 18 cm - (10 x 7 inches)

the book of articles by Orlik on various subjects such as Beethoven's physiognomy, his Kleine Holzschnitte (small woodcuts), Japanese colour woodcuts, Chinese colour printing, photography, opera stage décor, Egypt and about his life

On a page inserted in the front of the book is an ink drawing of a woman pointing at the word Klexographie an obvious reference to the newly discovered Rorschach theory of inkblot analysis; the dedication is to Frau Ulam and dated 15 December 1928

We assume that the subject is the wife of the Polish mathematician Stanislaw Ulam (1929-1984) who fled to America in 1939 and joined the Manhattan Project, working in Los Alamos on the nuclear bomb