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Emil Orlik: Gustav Mahler

Gustav Mahler
etching with roulette and aquatint, 1902
Plate/Image Size: 29.7 x 20 cm - (11¾ x 7¾ inches)
Sheet Size: 44 x 31.3 cm - (17¼ x 12¼ inches)
signed and dated in pencil

a wonderful impression of this famous portrait etching
on thick wove paper with full margins
in very good condition, in archive quality passepartout

this is considered Orlik's masterpiece portrait etching; there was no published edition: Orlik printed it on a variety of papers on request and examples are dated from 1902 to 1904

etched when Mahler, the Bohemian-Austrian composer and conductor, was at the peak of his career, in charge of the Vienna Opera, the most prestigious in Europe at the time. Josef Stransky, also a Bohemian-Austrian musician, related that while he was having a discussion with Mahler in a Prague café they were joined by Orlik. the artist's first meeting with Mahler. As was his custom Orlik immediately drew a sketch of the composer which delighted Mahler. This led to a formal sitting for the etching portrait. Many years later, in a letter to his wife Alma, Mahler wrote that he frequently met Orlik around Vienna and was struck by how voluble about all topics Orlik was.

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