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Emil Orlik: Emil Orlik

Emil Orlik
cover illustration, 1902
Sheet Size: 40 x 31 cm - (15¾ x 12¼ inches)

the book published as a special edition by the 'Gesellschaft für Vervielfältigende Kunst'. (Society for Art Multiples), Vienna. It contains an essay on Emil Orlik by Julius Liesching and an article by Orlik: 'Anmmerkung über den Farbholzschnitt' - Remarks about colour woodcuts'

the first illustrated book dedicated to the prints of Orlik. It contains seven tipped-in original early prints:
Triptych: 'Painter, Woodblock-cutter and Printer in Japan'
'Markt in Grodek' - woodcut
'Mecheln' - colour woodcut
'Alt Prag' colour woodcut

There are also some fine in-text reproductions of drawings by Orlik