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Emil Orlik: Aus dem Reigen-Process - From the 'Reigen' Trial

Aus dem Reigen-Process  -  From the 'Reigen' Trial
portfolio of 14 lithographs, 1921
each lithograph signed and titled

Die Reigen was a politically and morally controversial play by Arthur Schnitzler, who himself admitted that it would not have been possible to publish it in print. In 1921 the run was closed and the cast and producers were prosecuted for obscenity. Many character witnesses were called, one of whom was Emil Orlik. While in the court-room, Orlik sketched the various personalities involved in the case and Verlag Neue Kunsthandlung Berlin published this portfolio of lithographs made from the sketches
the lithographs are on laid paper, in the original folder of issue
all in excellent condition, each print presented in individual mounts
The individual lithographs are illustrated on the 'Books' page